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House manger Live out £65k One man and his Son!

Location : London

Read on as this advert starts at the bottom and works UK from bad to good!

This post is demanding, hectic and pacy. The Father has a a large array of homes and family plus a formidable business life and he is someone who knows what he wants and when he wants it delivered.

He is not difficult just fast, furious and brilliant and loves his manager to be clever, astute and a good team player with time for the dog and the 10 year old who has lots of people looking after him but of course it would be great if you were a “little boy” person.

You will not be asked to work odd hours as the rota is set and it is a five day week with weekends off.

Told you it got better! I think the salary could be much higher if you can cook as they can then save on the chef!!!

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