Live-in Couple Jobs


Live-in couple jobs with Beauchamp Partners

If you decide to hire a live-in couple, many areas of the running of your household are taken care of. Often a cost-effective option, their roles generally encompass that of several people whilst keeping your staff numbers small. This allows you to hire trustworthy, reputable people who will be responsible for several elements of the running of your home. This is a great option if discretion is of the utmost importance, creating a confidential environment that provides you with peace of mind.

Selecting the perfect live-in couple

Whether you’re looking for a couple to assist in the long term, or perhaps a couple to live on site for a couple of months on a flexible contract, our expert team will be able to seek out the right candidates for you. The daily tasks of a live-in domestic couple can vary depending on the needs of your house, however, they typically include a degree of gardening, general household maintenance and cleaning.

Other key responsibilities of a live-in couple include:

  • Ensuring the running of the home goes smoothly

  • Caring for the children in a nanny role

  • Keeping paperwork and finances in order, including post

  • Preparing meals and keeping on top of grocery orders

  • Household management and event organising

Finding the right candidate for live-in couple jobs

If you’ve been considering a live-in couple, look no further than Beauchamp Partners to help you in your quest. Our extensive experience in the industry means that we only put forward the best candidates for your live-in couple jobs, with each pair well versed in exactly what it takes to successfully and efficiently run your private household.

Find out how Beauchamp Partners can help you to find the perfect fit for your, live-in couples’ job today by browsing through our different job opportunities.