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A Butler for formal home. Knightsbridge. Live out.

Location : London

Serving afternoon teas and dinner to some very well known people indeed.

Cleaning the silver, gilt, porcelain and crystal this is one of the few truly traditional roles as a butler in the UK.. Your hours are from 10am to 9.30pm and you will be under the direction of the head butler. If these hours put you off think again. the team is great so there is a lot to enjoy about this job and the principals travel a great deal so the down time is massive.

I know the salary is not amazing but you do get a very good bonus each year, 30 days holidays and the experience will be golden for you to expand your career.

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Butler live out Holland Park. Novice or Old Hand either fine!

Location : London

If you are a budding butler or an experienced one looking for a more relaxed role then as long as you are a good driver and can get to West London this home needs you! The House manager is an immaculate young man with real charm so working as a team with him should be a pleasure.

Serving meals, small bits of maintenance, clean the car and help with general cleaning. Idealy from a hospitality background.

The employers are calm and reasonable but need looking after smoothly and professionally. they travel a great deal so you have loads of down time.

Nothing wrong with this job so call me please.

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