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Chauffeur / Handy man for Worcestershire / Bromsgrove area.

Firstly, if you are not a professional chauffeur now I am afraid you should not apply for this.  The gentleman wishes to employ, for the first time on a full time basis, someone who will drive, mainly him but also his family at times.  Not just to and from the office  but out on shoots, off to London for meetings and often helping the family in his large house with odd jobs.  Great if you know how to load, he would love that, but as long as you are a chauffeur with good experience and references with the ability to muck in with all sorts of odd jobs you will find this role mightily enjoyable I think.  He runs his family business, established for years, loves his work, family and fun and just wants a good driver, who does not natter too much, (who likes that?) who is discreet and above all who will take pleasure in being the absolute professional.  I repeat, please don’t chance your luck applying if you are not a fully experienced chauffeur, able to get a DBS or holding one already and with a good knowledge of large, luxury vehicles.  Love of young children and clear English a must.

Call Lynn Morris or Debbie Gray and send in your CV.

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