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TOP JOB for a travelling Nanny, and Top Rates too.

Location: Canada and France

If you enjoy travelling, this is an exciting position for you!  You will be based in Canada for 4 months, and the other 8 months you will spend between Paris and the sunny South of France.

You will be caring for one little girl of 2, and a new born…mum is expecting soon!

Perfect spoken Spanish and English is a must, and basic knowledge of French a plus.

Oh, and you will need drive too.

A great salary with a great family, so get your passport ready.

If this is you, you know what to do.

Telephone: Jeanette Anderson - 020 7259 6999

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Location : Dublin, Ireland

A very attractive Housekeeping position with a normal 8 hour day and WEEKENDS OFF, YAY! You will be working within a team of other Housekeepers in a busy fully staffed household, so you will have loads of support caring for the families beautiful home. They have two older teenagers who pretty much do their own thing and a few very friendly dogs too, so a dog lover is ideal.

The property is just a few minutes’ walk from The Dart, so it is very easy to travel to and from work, which is always a bonus!

These are good employers who you will most likely stay with for many years

Excellent speaking English and long term references are a must!

If this sounds like the job for you don’t hesitate to email us your CV

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