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A chef must...

Location :Kensington, London

Think like a scientist, organise like an accountant, plate like an artist and cook like a grandma.

If you are knowledgeable about your health food and nutrition then this role for a business man and his small son will not be demanding, well paid and rewarding. 

He loves Thai food and also takes great care of his health and so eats light, beautifully prepared dishes that take into account a great dietary regime.  You will be a positive person full of character needing a good mind to work for him. He is mega bright, on the ball with a great social life and demanding big business so to say he is a challenge is putting it mildly but he is fair, charming and out a lot!

The house is fully staffed with housekeepers,  nanny and chauffeur.

If you love your healthy food, are a good organiser and self starter then please get in touch.

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A true rota nanny role, 1 week on and 1 week off.

Location : London

You will find this  job will be on your list of “best jobs” as the parents are interesting, exciting and kind and the children are a delight.  Two boys and two girls.  The youngest is 22 months and the oldest 8. 

They need fluent and correct English, actually French speaker would be good as long as the English is great and clear.  Travel abroad for perhaps up to 2 months in the holidays and boy will you be in luxury!  They like light healthy food, someone who has a good education and fun to be with and you won’t have to worry about anything as their homes are fully staffed.

One nanny will live in each day so you have plenty of time for your own social life.

I do suggest that you live within easy reach of Richmond and enjoy working with the other nannies as a team.

Now for the salary, well ask and ye shall get!  It depends on you really and your excellence.

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 ‘NEAT’ chef? Yes I do mean that in more than one way.

Location :Central London

 This is a Monday to Friday position, isn’t that neat!

You will be cooking for three adults who like a wide array of cuisines which allows you great versatility…. Isn’t that neat.

You need to be based in central London, so no long commutes to work. Now that is neat!

She likes her other staff to look neat too, hint hint.

If you are a tidy and well organised private chef with excellent references then get in touch.

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Have Chef hat, will travel... Rota Chef 15 days on / 15 days off

Location :Hampstead, London

This role requires you to have your passport at the ready chefs.

We are looking for a Head Chef, 15 days on 15 days off. Cooking for a formal household of five, two adults and three children. You have the option to live in during your on days, so your two weeks off is all yours, isn't that amazing!

Their last chef worked for the family for 10 years so they clearly treat their staff well, and are looking for someone with a similar longevity in work ethic.

The salary is competitive, especially  considering the travel perks. And if you could speak some Russian it would be a bonus!

If this spells your name, send us your CV.

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