Couple Holborn. New Residence. Filipino style service respected.

Location : London

You will have a private apartment. Down time as the couple go away a great deal and the house is new to the principals so this role can be moulded as you get used to the flow of the home, the regime with the new baby and just the general work load and how it is proportioned.

You will cook and house keep, working together to get things running smoothly. they have been used to those who have the Filipino work ethic, it seems to suit them. You will travel at times India, Bahamas, Europe so UK visas are important.

The principals are world renowned artists and are very charming and considerate.

Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999

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Couple for Saffron Walden. All ex Military Step up! I salute you!

Location : Essex

A beautiful newly developed cottage with garden for you two when you look after a couple not exactly in the first flush of youth, (I know what THAT feel like) but who are perfectly fit and on the ball with a large family grown and away, well one lives down the road, and gently testing the waters re their first live in couple.

As the gentleman was an officer with one the Guards regiments they felt it would be nice to see those who were once associated with the regiments but if not then as long as you are used to being organised, disappearing when not needed and able to care for a fine wardrobe you should be fine.

I would love to talk to all of you who feel that this would be a good job until you retire. We talked about Gurkha couples but they are so rare these days, anyway, just call me if you wish to talk more.

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EssexAccord MarketingCouple
House manger Live out £65k One man and his Son!

Location : London

Read on as this advert starts at the bottom and works UK from bad to good!

This post is demanding, hectic and pacy. The Father has a a large array of homes and family plus a formidable business life and he is someone who knows what he wants and when he wants it delivered.

He is not difficult just fast, furious and brilliant and loves his manager to be clever, astute and a good team player with time for the dog and the 10 year old who has lots of people looking after him but of course it would be great if you were a “little boy” person.

You will not be asked to work odd hours as the rota is set and it is a five day week with weekends off.

Told you it got better! I think the salary could be much higher if you can cook as they can then save on the chef!!!

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A chef must...

Location :Kensington, London

Think like a scientist, organise like an accountant, plate like an artist and cook like a grandma.

If you are knowledgeable about your health food and nutrition then this role for a business man and his small son will not be demanding, well paid and rewarding. 

He loves Thai food and also takes great care of his health and so eats light, beautifully prepared dishes that take into account a great dietary regime.  You will be a positive person full of character needing a good mind to work for him. He is mega bright, on the ball with a great social life and demanding big business so to say he is a challenge is putting it mildly but he is fair, charming and out a lot!

The house is fully staffed with housekeepers,  nanny and chauffeur.

If you love your healthy food, are a good organiser and self starter then please get in touch.

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Fancy putting your feet up in the mornings? Afternoon Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook needed, live out.

Location : Knightsbridge

Mornings AND weekends off - Yes please! Working Monday to Friday from 12noon to 8pm

An informal family of four are looking for a Housekeeper/Nanny to join their team. The couple are relaxed and easy to get on with. You would help the other Nanny with their 4-year-old little girl, and baby boy, keeping the home organised, spic and span, and preparing the odd family meal.

Perfect speaking English a must, and French a definite bonus!

This family treat their staff with the greatest of respect and keep their staff for the long term, so this is a job to snap up.

Interviewing now for a January start.

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