Live in housekeeper, Chelsea with accomodation to die for!

Mature couple looking for a long term (previous housekeeper with them 25 years and is retiring), friendly and fit housekeeper to care for their home.

You will need to have good knowledge of caring for laundry, packing and unpacking as they head away most Fridays to the country home. She says its a modern home with 3 bedrooms, so some hoovering and dusting and generally keeping it tidy.

They would like someone who can cook, but will show you the dishes they like and added bonus would be someone who drives!

They offer a 2 bedroom separate apartment with a roof terrace for you and possibly your partner and would love if he could help around the home at times with odds and ends, like changing light bulbs etc.

They sound like a lovely couple and I think the fact that their current housekeeper has been with them 25 years says a lot.

Get in touch, interviewing now for end of March to April start.

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Morning/Afternoon Housekeeper...whichever works for you.

Location : Chelsea, London

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This fun family is looking for a morning/afternoon Housekeeper to keep their home spick and span.

There is a full time Nanny employed for the children, however you must be child friendly.

You would purely be in charge of the upkeep of the home, taking care of laundry and organising wardrobes. This is a simple and appealing position good days and good hours, Monday to Thursday… So that's a long weekend for you!

Family is interviewing now so please do send in your CV with relevant experience.

Telephone: Jeanette Anderson - 020 7259 6999
Email: Jeanette Anderson-

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Fancy putting your feet up in the afternoon? Housekeeper for mornings only

Location : Fulham, London

This position is as appealing as it is simple. With good days, good hours, working for a family who treat their staff with the greatest of respect. Monday to Friday… So weekends off!

This fun family of five is looking for a morning Housekeeper to keep their home neat and organised.

You must love little fury things as they have a new fluffy kitten to keep you company while you work.

They keep their staff for the long term, so this is a job to snap up…interviewing now for a immediate start!

Telephone: Jeanette Anderson - 020 7259 6999
Email: Jeanette Anderson-

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Couple for mature titled lady in Bucks.

Location : Bucks.

You will have a newly built four bedroom house close to the main property and pets are no problem if you have one. There is a garden for you and a full time gardener plus a cleaner who will help you three times a week. With only one person this should be easy but this highly modern state of the art property needs someone with excellent technical knowledge to supervise this high tec environment with everything being ultra modern.

Only five bedrooms but covering a vast area both of you will be busy. The principal is out and about a great deal but actually likes to cook herself so hardly ever do you get involved with the kitchen except for preparation and general help.

There are challenges but the lady is thoughtful and although wanting things done her way it is not a bad way so just do it!

For someone who has the technical ability this role is very satisfying and with plenty of help, a superb home for you and a pet to love you perhaps its a deal!

Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999

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Live out Housekeeper/ nanny in Sevenoaks, driver a must!

On the go happy family looking for someone to help with keeping the home run smoothly!

Mum works and dad will be returning at some point. You’ll work Monday to Friday so weekends are free, yippee!

Arrive in morning help kids aged 4 and 9 get ready for school and drop them, hence driver required.

The rest of your day will be keeping the house neat and tidy and preparing a simple meal for the kids (no chef required).

Fun and games and possibly some homework (just kidding this is a must) and preparing for bed then your day is done and you can be on your way.

They are offering a salary of around £37kpa, must have relevant experience and references, so get in touch if this is for you.

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