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Choice of accommodation and 5 day week for Good Couple. New Home so New Role.

A new house for this family of five. The children are around 12 years and one is at boarding school the others may go too. Some cooking in family fashion, usual dusting etc. DIY and gardening with driving. it all sounds quite normal and in the job description I have i see no problems. Hold on to your hats this maybe a good one!

I do know they want true professionals. You should be fine as they only want a 45 hour week and this over five days.

Call Lynn Morris on 0207 259 6999 email

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Stunning role in Gstaad and Cap Ferrat

Location :France/Switzerland

Right so why is it stunning? The lady is a very fair, reasonable and mature employer who offers a house to yourselves in Gstaad and the same in France. Other staff, including a chef, are there to help and she is away a great deal.

As the standard of the accommodation is high and the work interesting over good hours, there is nothing not to like with this post.

She does want active, quite young staff and pets are not possible, (relatives visit and bring theirs etc). and you must be very experienced, at the top of your tree really. I have put the role in GBP but she will pay whatever it takes to get the best and pay all the local taxes.

Every six months you will move to the other home but to me this is just great, in fact the French home already has a Gardien couple there so it is not as if you will be opening and shutting a large residence down with the drag of opening another as all will be done.

Remember experience and youthful energy count, I know, I can hear all you mature people saying how can you have both but I was pretty savvy at 30 so do stop muttering!

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