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Live in House Manager for Shropshire. Weekend Residence

With a superb house for you and visits every other weekend this should be an easy job for a good house manager. IT IS NOT!!!

A good education and super English with great experience is needed and that is only the first criteria. The second is to be a confident, assertive person who communicates well and believes in themselves as the boss is mega bright and does not suffer fools easily but he is fair and loves those who know their job and gets on with it so wimps or rather, I should say “pleasant and gentle” people are out. Well that’s what I think anyway.

Staff stay for years if you get on and understand that top service is an absolute given so you must get the maids sorted and be alert and professional as a any top hotel manager.

I know I am not painting a rosy picture but believe me this could be a great role for life as he has multiple properties and lives a very full life with a great love of family.

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