What to do this Easter weekend with the kids

kid and parent decorating easter cakes

Easter weekend is almost here, and it is the perfect chance to spend time with your family. A weekend of family fun can take time to organise, so having private household staff gives you more free time to plan celebrations such as Easter. Everyone celebrates Easter weekend in a different way, but we’ve assembled a list of some of the best activities to keep your kids entertained during the long weekend.

Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most popular activities for children to enjoy this time of year is an Easter egg hunt. For a lot of families, this is a tradition for first thing on a Sunday morning whether it involves hiding the eggs under cushions in the house or planting them between trees outside.

We asked Charlotte from Welsh Mummy blogs what activity she recommends for kids this Easter: “Who doesn't like an Easter egg hunt?! We invite our neighbours over and hide small Easter eggs around the house and garden. The children and adults have lots of fun.”

If you don’t have a space big enough for an egg hunt, then check out the events in your local area. Look at your nearest adventure park, National Trust or garden estate to find out about the organised egg hunts happening near you. We spoke to Let’s Travel Family about their Easter traditions with the kids: “As we travel, we find local community activities to join in on, such as Easter egg hunts and colouring contests.”

If your children don’t have a sweet tooth, or you want them to avoid a sugar rush then you can hide other objects in the egg hunt. You could hide cuddly toy chicks or follow Let’s Travel Family’s alternative approach to an egg hunt: “On Easter morning, our children search for their Easter eggs that are usually filled with money, as we try to avoid too much sugar and candy. They are thrilled to collect money and then begin counting and doing maths right away. It's a great way to keep the sugar down and encourage math skills that they will use every day.”

Get Outdoors

family walk with kids in the countryside

The best activity you can do with the kids this Easter that’s free is simply to get outside and go for a walk. Head to your local park or go to the countryside with all the family. Alternatively, a bike ride can also be great fun for everyone. If it’s a sunny day, we recommend packing a picnic and cycling to your nearest park before settling down on blankets and enjoying the food together.

Beth from the blog Life as Mum shared her Easter tradition: “Every Easter we go out to see family and for an Easter Sunday walk either a coastal or forest walk. It's something we have done now for the past few years, and the kids love it every year.”

Plant Flowers

girl planting a flower in the garden

A wonderful idea to keep the kids busy is by teaching them to plant flowers. If the sun is shining, this is a great opportunity to let the kids learn more about plants and nature. To make the activity even more entertaining for the kids you could have them paint their own flower pots, and as a bonus, you’ll have new colourful decorations for the garden!

A flower that is great to plant at Easter is a sunflower. These are one of the easier plants to look after and children love watching them grow taller than themselves. Sunflowers aren’t demanding, just make sure they have plenty of sun and good soil. If your kids are hoping they grow tall, we suggest supporting the stems to encourage them to grow up to 14 feet! Another option is to plant marigolds, the seeds grow quick so it won’t take long before the kids can see the flowers.

Get Creative in The Kitchen

For many people, food is a massive part of Easter celebrations with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and many families getting together to enjoy a Sunday dinner.

Charlotte from Welsh Mummy Blogs continues: “My family usually take turns to host an Easter Sunday dinner. This year I am doing a Sunday roast at mine. I am looking forward to setting the table with some Easter inspired decorations.”

Get the kids involved in creating some of the food, we recommend they help make sweet treats for everyone to enjoy after dinner. Our tip is to use a cake or brownie mixture to save time, and let the kids focus on decorating the treats so they’re Easter-themed. Chocolate flakes, mini eggs, smarties and sugar icing are great to use for decorations. 

Easter Bonnets

Creating Easter bonnets is a fun activity the kids can do before the weekend. Even if your child doesn’t have a parade to attend, they can enjoy wearing them on an Easter Sunday walk. Charlotte from Welsh Mummy Blogs agrees that an Easter bonnet is a great activity for the kids to do at Easter: “I would recommend making an Easter bonnet! Even if you don't have a parade to attend, making a bonnet Is inexpensive and lots of fun for little ones. You don't even have to stick with traditional Easter bonnet decorations, we made a Star Wars and PJ Masks Easter bonnet last year!”

Arts and Crafts

painted easter eggs in a nest outdoors

Easter is one of the best opportunities to get the kids enjoying some arts and crafts. On a table, set out multiple coloured papers, glues, gel pens and stickers and let the kids create some Happy Easter cards. Take the arts and crafts even further by buying foam Easter eggs which the kids can paint colourful patterns on, a great tip is to put the finished creations into an empty egg box to put on display around your home.

Easter Games

If your family has loads of little ones, it’s a great idea to set up some games whilst the adults relax. You can adapt any traditional party game to make it well suited for Easter, for example, it’s easy to create a ‘pin the tail on the Easter Bunny’ game. A fun guessing game that everyone can join in with is ‘guess how many mini eggs’ are in the jar.

An egg hunt is not for everyone, a game that the children can enjoy instead is an egg and spoon race. It may be old-fashioned, but it’s still good fun for all the family. Our tip to avoid a mess is to hard boil the eggs!

Quick ideas for kids Easter activities:

·         Easter egg hunt

·         A family walk

·         Plant sunflowers

·         Decorate Easter cakes

·         Make an Easter bonnet

·         Get crafty with Easter cards

·         Paint foam eggs

·         Egg and spoon race

·         Pin the tail on the Easter bunny

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