Couple for Saffron Walden. All ex Military Step up! I salute you!

Location: Esex

Salary: £900 to £1k npw plus.

Position: Permanent

A beautiful newly developed cottage with garden for you two when you look after a couple not exactly in the first flush of youth, (I know what THAT feel like) but who are perfectly fit and on the ball with a large family grown and away, well one lives down the road, and gently testing the waters re their first live in couple.

As the gentleman was an officer with one the Guards regiments they felt it would be nice to see those who were once associated with the regiments but if not then as long as you are used to being organised, disappearing when not needed and able to care for a fine wardrobe you should be fine.

I would love to talk to all of you who feel that this would be a good job until you retire. We talked about Gurkha couples but they are so rare these days, anyway, just call me if you wish to talk more.


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999



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