This is a job for a couple you do not wish to miss!

Location: Wilts

Salary: £900 to £1k npw plus.

Position: Permanent

The present couple have decided to retire from this post after 22 years. The hours are 8am to 4.30pm, it is a five day week with mostly weekends off and the principals are mature enough to be settled and happy in their manor house.

A maid comes in each day so the laundry is taken care of.

They have no great wish to entertain a lot or be terribly formal but just to enjoy good service and help in the kitchen as the lady likes to cook most of the time. This is an English and European household with great charm.

Now look! This post is great but don’t think it is for those who do not want to work at all! You will both drive, the gentleman will be the houseman as there are many gardeners so no outside work, and the lady will be the housekeeper and plan her day so that all is done in correct rotation.

I told you it was special so do call me. Be aware the post has been advertised for some time on Gum tree so you may have applied already but if not do contact me.


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999