Couple for Mature, single, titled lady in South of France and Switzerland. £1k plus a week.

Location: Europe

Salary:£1k npm plus.

Position: Permanent

You will have separate and private accommodation in both countries, in France she entertains more in the summer so there is another couple living there to help you.  In Gstaad she is quieter so for the winter months it is just you two.

You will cook simple food, just tasty rather Mediterranean style really and, as she is English, brush up on your roasts!  

The good thing about this role is that she is fair and you know where you stand with her.  She is an excellent employer and a highly respected lady in the arts/charity world.

If you like the idea of six months in one place and the rest in another then do let me know and send your CVs and references.


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999