Ibiza: Mng couple for new villa.

Because the villa has just been built and this is a new post I think that makes it rather good as you have full rein to make this job your own. Apartment for you being built as I type!

You will be able to get help in locally, so you decide what you need such as a maid at the weekends for instance or similar and there is already a gardener and maintenance person.

The main things this family told me they need are kind, responsible, amiable, intelligent people who can speak a bit of Spanish and prepare a light breakfast and maybe other meals but no hassle, s they are quite happy to find a cook if they need one.

There are lots more aspects to this role but i get a good feeling from this client, they have other staff elsewhere and seem to be very understanding and aware of peoples needs. I had a really good conversation with the lady and warmth and charm came over lots.

If you have some Spanish and fancy this I really need you! Experience is essential of this kind of role.


Lynn Morris

Location Ibiza

Salary: 1k net per week.plus

Position: Permanent


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999
Email: lvm@beauchamppartners.co.uk



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