A Cook or Chef and Housekeeper for often absent owners. Wilts.

I feel that with a superb cottage for you two and the chance to make your own hours when the family are away this role is a very interesting one indeed.

The food must be inventive but absolutely not complicated, fresh and tasty with influences from across the world so to cook for them is a joy.

The house is not large so the housekeeping is straightforward and only if there are guests is it really busy as not only are they away a great deal but this is a weekend residence so you see what I mean about lots of time to yourselves.

Having said that the family like this super house to be beautifully cared for, you will want to do this as the owners are wonderful people who take time to care for their staff and really look after you well.


Lynn Morris

Location Wiltshire

Salary: 1k net per week.plus

Position: Permanent


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999
Email: lvm@beauchamppartners.co.uk