5 day, 45 hour week for experienced Couple. Offering superb accommodation in Wiltshire.


Salary: £1000 npw.

Position: Permanent

I know that this young family look after their staff well, No unexpected long hours as this is a well organised home with informal service and a happy team..

Actually a new home, no child care as the three are at boarding school but of course you should be happy around them when they are on holiday.

So, housekeeping, light easy cooking, care of clothes, the nanny does all the children’s stuff. and the chap will do maintenance and the garden.

They like Spanish, Filipino or well just foreign! That is what they have been used to, If you want this job and you are English just talk like Manuel and you’ll be fine!

Call Lynn Morris on 0207 259 6999 email lvm@beauchamppartners.co.uk


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999
Email: lvm@beauchamppartners.co.uk