Couple; Week end role for Smiley family with Smiley staff!


Salary: £1000 npw.

Position: Permanent

Known to me for three years as very good employers with a happy and naturally welcoming attitude they offer a three bed cottage with garden to a couple where, ideally, the man is the cook but this in not writ in stone just a good idea to let the lady house keep in this 7 bedroom home. There are three children including a baby and they do have a nanny but Madam is very hands on and so, not a nanny role but you must love little ones.

Family dinner and the odd dinner party means cooking should be a strong point although the title “chef” is optional! They have a gardener so there is not a great deal to do out of the kitchen except for mucking in with housekeeping when they leave on Sunday.

The family are really appreciative employers, offering easy hours, up to you in the week, and reasonable but longer hours at the weekend or course.

The present couple are moving on to a role in London, they will be much missed but these employers offer all the right things, so we hope to find them a good couple very soon. In other words please pick up the phone NOW! I need you!


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999