A chef must...

Location: Kensington London

Salary: £60kpa

Position: Permanent

Think like a scientist, organise like an accountant, plate like an artist and cook like a grandma.

If you are knowledgeable about your health food and nutrition then this role for a business man and his small son will not be demanding, well paid and rewarding. 

He loves Thai food and also takes great care of his health and so eats light, beautifully prepared dishes that take into account a great dietary regime.  You will be a positive person full of character needing a good mind to work for him. He is mega bright, on the ball with a great social life and demanding big business so to say he is a challenge is putting it mildly but he is fair, charming and out a lot!

The house is fully staffed with housekeepers,  nanny and chauffeur.

If you love your healthy food, are a good organiser and self starter then please get in touch.


Telephone: Debbie Gray - 020 7259 6999
Email: Debbie.gray@beauchamppartners.co.uk