Senior Steward/Butler.  You must speak either French German or Italian!

Location: Travelling Worldwide

Salary: £TBC

Position: Senior Steward/Butler.

You must speak either French, German or Italian or why not all. Up to 30 years is preferred.  With 90 days holiday a year your private life will blossom but take note your feet will not hit the ground whilst working, as from Luxury Super Yacht to Mega Estates to the Private Jet, you will be on your toes with a great team of staff.  This role is for someone from the yachts, the jets or similar.  Perfect for the ex-Royal household footmen/page of the presence.

They are a couple with a young family where travel is the main aspect of their life and they are actually very good employers.  You must be a true professional, liaising with the chef, mixing cocktails, meeting and greeting guests, you know, you clever butlers, exactly what I want so just call my office, speak to me or Charlotte and let’s get started!


Telephone: Lynn Morris - 020 7259 6999
Email: Lynn Morris -